Targas offers 360º Enterprise Security Solutions for Business and Government.

Targas provides security solutions for every touch point of your organization. essay proofreading Our security services are customized for each client to ensure personal and asset protection.

Security consulting

  • Site surveys
  • Threat assessment
  • Security plans
  • Standard operating procedure development
Corporations, manufacturing facilities, schools, military bases, and capitol buildings throughout the world employ our services to assess and improve security operations. We understand that our clients’ assignments, resources, and environments significantly differ. That said, we’ll customize your organization’s program to address the changing nature of domestic and international threats.


  • Entry control point operations
  • Vehicle check point operations
  • Threat recognition and response
  • IED recognition and response
  • Building evacuation and search team training
  • Mass casualty incident
  • Executive protection
  • Specialized program development
Targas provides training in areas critical to your organization’s security. Our programs emphasize threat recognition, prevention, and response. Targas instructors have proven backgrounds implementing training programs that are practical and effective.



  • Executive protection
  • High-risk employment termination
  • Special event security
  • Customized assignments
  • National and international assignments
Targas provides specialized services for a wide range of clients and environments, including long-term assignments in volatile foreign nations. Our personnel are specially trained for every project. We are thorough, discreet when necessary, and above all, have the expertise to successfully accomplish your mission.