Mass Casualty Incident Response Training

Mass Casualty Incident Response Training:
This program provides security personnel and first responders an opportunity to familiarize themselves with equipment and tactics for dealing with a mass casualty incident. Training topics and activities include:
  • Review of mass casualty incidents in the United States and internationally
  • Threat awareness
    1. Firearms
    2. Improvised explosive devices
  • Attack methodology
    1. Workplace violence attacks
    2. IED attacks
  • Emergency response and communication plan
  • Establishing scene safety
  • Personal protective equipment and body substance isolation
  • Basic triage
  • Fundamentals of patient assessment
  • Phases of casualty care
    1. Plan for basic care during an incident
    2. Plan for advanced care during an incident
    3. Plan for evacuation of injured
  • Familiarization with typical gunshot and blast wounds
  • Familiarization with hemorrhage equipment
  • Assessment and application drills
  • Scenario based training