Entry Control Point Security Operations

Entry Control Point Security Operations:
This program provides security personnel the opportunity to learn and refine techniques for the detection and response to threats at entry control points. It is ideal for courthouses, government facilities, corporate offices or special event security. Training topics and activities include:
  • Principles of protection
  • Security incident review
  • Threat awareness
    1. Contraband
    2. Edged weapons
    3. Defensive weapons
    4. Firearms
    5. Improvised Explosive Devices
  • Security equipment operation and safety protocols
    1. Walk through metal detectors
    2. X-ray inspection systems
    3. Explosive trace detection systems
    4. Hand held metal detectors
  • Threat detection training
    1. Visual threat assessments
    2. Physical inspections of hand carried items
    3. Attack methodology recognition
  • Response training
  • Scenario based training