The single most effective security measure is preparedness.

Targas offers a wide array of services customized to the specific security requirements of our clients. essay proofreading service Targas Core Programs feature content and instruction that can be applied to the protection of nearly any type of organization from schools to government facilities.


Each program is available in multiple lengths.


Awareness (4 – 8 hours):
Awareness programs are ideal for raising security awareness and introducing changes to standard operating procedures due to a potential threat.


Skill Builder (2 – 3 days):
Skill builder programs provide security personnel with specialized lecture, practical exercises, and reality based training. The programs can incorporate individual and group evaluations of detection and response capabilities.


Advanced/Instructor Level (5 – 10 days):
Advanced and instructor level programs are a cost effective tool for organizations that need to provide specialized training to security personnel on a regular basis.


Targas programs are offered at our training facilities near Phoenix, Arizona or may be hosted at your location for an additional expense per student. Most courses include all necessary training materials.

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