TARGAS is able to provide security consulting and training in order to assist clients building processes and institutional capacity.

Our Military Consulting Training Includes:

  • Security Military Consulting Analysis (risk/vulnerability analysis)
  • Physical Site Security Surveys (defensive and offensive analysis at fixed site installations)
  • Infrastructure Threat Assessment
  • Standard Operating Procedure Development (with a specific focus on Strategic Planning Development, and Existing Security Program Evaluation and Recommendations)
  • Training Program Development (a systematic, integrated approach to training identify and develop objectives, determine requirements, and implement programs specific to the needs of our global partners; as well as Train-the-Trainer programs creating sustainable proficiency within organizations)
  • Military Technology Assessment and Review (testing and evaluating equipment / technology solutions prior to assimilation into military programs)
  • Military Leadership and Planning Program (training officers and non-commissioned officers at all levels in critical thinking, map reading and land navigation, course of action development, and mission briefing skills necessary for all military operations)


TARGAS collaborates with clients employing sophisticated training management protocols, in order to instill self-reliance in their pursuit of providing security for human and capital assets.

Our Training Management Includes:

  • Entry Control Point Security Operations (including threat awareness, security equipment operation and safety protocols, and threat detection training)
  • Vehicle Security Check Point Operations (including vehicle IED detection, vehicle checkpoint design and operation, and attack methodology recognition)
  • X-Ray Detection and Image Interpretation (including specialized detection and image interpretation for security screeners)
  • IED Detection and Response (including IED component training, attack methodology, visual threat assessment techniques, evacuation and search techniques)
  • Building Evacuation and Search Team Training (including threat awareness, attack methodology and active shooter protocols)
  • Mass Casualty Incident Response Training (provides tactics, training and procedures for security personnel and first responders in a mass casualty incident)
  • Sniper/ Counter Sniper Programs (provides tactics, training and procedures for snipers and special forces)
  • Small Units Tactics Training (training units at all levels in various military operations supporting unit mission essential task list training for offensive, defensive, and peace support operations as required)
  • Convoy Planning and Operations (training in the planning, supervision, and execution of convoys to include load plans, defensive maneuvers, and TTPs in a high threat environment)
  • Search and Site Exploitation systematic training for the search of personnel, vehicles, and specified exploited areas to collect, process, and manage evidence)
  • Light Weapons Training (basic and advanced light weapons training, pistol through heavy machine gun, mortars and light anti-tank weapons, maintenance, and functionality checks)
  • Custom Programs (training packages that can be bundled in progressively difficult and supportive sequences using client centric training modules)


  • Annual Review of Delivered Program and Staff / New Technology, Information and Tactics Upgrades (sustaining existing training programs by integrating new equipment, modification of SOPs and tactics based on new developments in technology, intelligence, and new personnel)
  • External Evaluation and Situational Training Exercises (external evaluations of existing/newly formed units, assist in identification of training deficiencies, evaluations using situational training exercises with role players and force on force engagements to closely simulate real-world possibilities)
  • Train the Trainer Programs (programs give the client a training cadre to continue and sustain unit readiness and capabilities)

TARGAS US Technology, Weapons and Equipment Supplier/Broker
Targas has all the necessary Department of State (ITAR) and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) certifications required to be a compliant purchaser, broker, or exporter of US military arms and equipment to approved nations and agencies.